2024 Trade In, Trade Up Promotion

Customers can trade in any existing multiparameter monitor (any brand) for a new Bionet Brio XVet Series Multiparameter monitor (Brio X3Vet, Brio X5Vet, and/or Brio X7Vet) during the promotional period (7/1/24 – 8/31/24) will receive REBATE check per unit.  This promotion does not apply to any customers outside of the US.


Cash Trade-In Amounts:

  • $300 rebate when purchasing a Brio X3Vet
  • $350 rebate when purchasing a Brio X5Vet
  • $400 rebate when purchasing a Brio X7Vet


Trade-In Process:

  1. Customer purchases a new Brio XVet monitor from an authorized distributor.
  2. Customer completes a brief online form to initiate the trade-in.
  3. Bionet emails a shipping return label to the customer.
  4. Customer boxes up and ships their old monitor to Bionet.
  5. Bionet issues a rebate check to the customer once the old monitor is received.


Important FAQs:

  • Can a customer choose to keep their old monitor instead of trading it in and still get the cash rebate? No. Customers must send their old monitor back to Bionet to get the cash rebate.
  • Who pays for the return shipping for the traded in monitor? Bionet will pay for the shipping, however the customer will need to source a box and pack the monitor.
  • Are there limits on rebate amounts? There are no limits to the rebates customers can qualify for. For example, trading in 5 monitors and purchasing 5 Brio X5Vet monitors results in a $1750 rebate.
  • Can this be combined with other promotions? No – This promotion cannot be combined with any other existing Bionet promotion.


How to claim your REBATE from Bionet America, Inc.

  1. Complete ALL information – including serial number for each product. Incomplete and/or illegible forms will not be processed.
  2. This Claim Form must be submitted no later than 10/12/2024.
  3. Retain a copy of submitted materials for your records.
  4. All purchases must be made through an authorized Bionet distributor or Bionet.
  5. Please be sure to include all monitor accessories when shipping your trade-in unit back to Bionet.
  • All red fields, and those with an asterisk, are required for a successful submission. 
    Your browser will alert you when you have successfully submitted your request. You will also receive an email notification, immediately after submission.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Contact Information



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ZIP Code


Product Information

You are required to enter a model and serial number purchased.

Please upload invoice or sales slip (photocopy acceptable) which shows the model name and date of purchase.


Trade Information


Rebate Check Information


Additional Information

Bionet America, Inc. takes your privacy seriously. We will not sell or distribute your information to any parties outside of Bionet America, Inc. and its affiliates.
I/we represent that all information provided on this document is accurate and not falsified.