Family Physicians of Plattsmouth / Nebraska
- Product(s): CardioCare 2000

We’re very happy with the CardioCare 2000. It’s portable for our clinic needs and delivery was very fast!

Michael J Guice MD
- Product(s): CardioCare 2000

We ordered for the first time the clips for our ECG machine leads. Ours are/were pretty old and they were starting to crack I was so Excited to test these out on our patient, that I had to test it out on my co-worker and the reading was just fine!

Quick Care Urgent Care / Nebraska
- Product(s): CardioCare 2000

Our Cardiocare 2000 EKG machine is one of the best from Bionet. It works well and allows us to deliver the best care to our patients.

Ahn Westmorerland OBGYN
- Product(s): FC1400

We are so happy with the Bionet FC1400! can’t say enough good things. The monitor has so many wonderful features to make our job easier.

Doctors Medical Associates / Florida
- Product(s): CardioTouch 3000

We’ve found the the CardioTouch 3000 EKG machine is very compact; portable and easy to use. It works very well, I am pleased with the product. We really like the portability.

Elle OBGYN / South Carolina
- Product(s): FC1400

The FC1400 is great for our practice! The quality of the fetal tones are fantastic.

Tens Medical
- Product(s): CardioCare 2000

We like the Cardiocare 2000 because of its ease of use as a reliable 12 lead system with interpretation meet needs of our private practice. It’s lightweight portability is perfect for us.

Allegheny Health Network / Pennsylvania
- Product(s): FC1400

The FC1400 Fetal Monitor was very nicely packaged and is easy to navigate and use.